Integrative Wellness Programs

Working together, we can assess, plan, and move toward your health and wellness goals with unique integrative approaches. With each program, you receive specialized massage based on your current needs and goals as well as private instruction in mind/body/spirit techniques. These programs do require a more significant commitment of resources than massage alone (time, money, focus) in order to give you greater support in achieving your goals.

integrative wellness programsJourney to Fertility

A 16 week program focused on techniques shown to increase fertility for women desiring to conceive. Program includes 8 bodywork sessions (4 are Fertility Massage) and 8 mind/body sessions to include but not limited to Nia® movement, PSYCH-K®, laughter yoga, and MELT method®. Investment: $1760 for approximately 22 hours of private instruction/bodywork.

Prenatal Growth

This program may be used for 12 weeks at any time during preganacy. It includes 4 prenatal massage sessions, 4 infant massage sessions, and 4 mind/body sessions. Investment: $900.

Five Stages

This 16-week program is focused on individuals who may be more sedentary and wish to return safely to a more active lifestyle. It is designed to include 8 bodywork sessions, and 8 movement + mind/body sessions to increase flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability. Investment: $1,120.

Unlimited Potential

A 12 week program designed to assist individuals who deal with pain explore bodywork and mind/body techniques to give them new perspectives and coping skills on how to live with greater hope and ease. Includes 4 bodywork sessions, and 8 sessions exploring MELT® method, PSYCH-K®, Nia® movement, and laughter yoga. Investment: $970, includes your personal MELT® hand and foot kit.

Time for ME

This 12-week program is designed for individuals who would like to decrease overall stress and increase their sense of enjoyment of life and its unlimited potential. Six 90-minute bodywork sessions focus on decreasing the stress response and instruction in relaxation techniques. Six additional sessions explore techniques to bring fun and energy into your life. Investment: $1,035.

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