The latest scientific research shows that optimism and well being are more significant predictors of health than blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, or exercise. If you would like to experience a process more powerful and efficient than affirmations, will power, or positive thinking to shift you to a more optimistic, healthy, flourishing experience of life then you might try PSYCH-K.® The PSYCH-K® method is a powerful and practical process developed and supported by evolutionaries in the psychological, medical, and biological fields.


Reality is created by each of us by our beliefs. Neuroscience states that 95% of beliefs are subconscious, so often we form our perceptions of the world and then experience the world and ourselves without realizing how or why our thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are occurring. PSYCH-K® is based upon years of split-brain research and thousands of sessions with groups and individuals to assist in quickly identifying and transforming beliefs that limit or destroy us to beliefs that support and nurture us in any area of life.

PSYCH-K® is a safe fun, and empowering process to begin to identify what we believe about any area of life (e.g., self-esteem, health, finances, relationships, career) and then shift the belief so that we bring a deeper sense of peace and satisfaction to the body, mind, and spirit. This process has been shown to achieve results faster and more efficiently than biofeedback and counseling.

Some examples of beliefs that may be "balanced" by PSYCH-K®:

"I will always have to deal with the pain in my back."
"My spouse does not appreciate me."
"I always feel stressed."
"My extra weight just won’t come off."
"I’m not getting pregnant because my eggs are too old."

"Everybody at school is mean to me."
"I get so stressed everytime I take a test."
"My parents don’t trust me."
"Everyone else is more attractive than me."
"Life sucks."

PSYCH-K® Balance Session ($75)
A protocol designed to create a "whole-brain state," which is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs, reducing unwanted stress, and helping to access your “full response potential” in meeting life’s challenges.

 Heather with International PSYCH-K Instructor and Facilitator, Robin Graham
Heather with International PSYCH-K Instructor and Facilitator, Robin Graham, at Advanced PSYCH-K graduation.

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