Thanks for all you are doing for me and hubby and our future baby! By taking my temps I was able to pin point that I ovulated yesterday. It is really exciting to be able to figure your body out and know what's going on!!! I wish I would have understood this years ago bc I could have been doing it! Yay! I am excited!! I thought you would be too! Thanks for all of this help and encouragement! Maybe this will be this month- if not I know what I'm doing now for the future months!! He he" — Kristin G.
We found out friday am after taking 3 test that I'm pregnant! Sunday marked 5 weeks. We are so excited! You know we can’t thank you enough! I really feel that everything we did together helped me get pregnant!" — Kristin G.
Thank you so much for sending the info. This work resonates so much with me. I feel the anguish these women feel. I am wholistic in approach to all things human (and animal) and have been a clinical counselor, health food sales rep, and publisher of personal growth and development books and chiropractic. I appreciate the work that you do, and support the direction where you are sending my wife. It seems so very right-ontarget. My feeling is that you and your referrals will prevail where medicine cannot." — Husband of fertility client
I wanted to let you know that we got pregnant! We had an unsuccessful fresh IVF cycle in February but had a successful frozen embryo transer in April. I am now 29 weeks along with a healthy baby boy :) I firmly believe that all that you did to help balance me emotionally helped tremendously in our success. Thanks so much. I was wondering if you do pre-natal massage? And if so, could I schedule one with you?" — Cindy M.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful fertility massage experience. I talked about it all over dinner with my husband. I just felt more relaxed and at peace last night. I did enjoy the CD and just taking the 20 mins. and relaxing. I thought a lot about the things you talked about. Again, I am excited to continue working with you and to use the tools and techniques you shared with me last night throughout the weekend." — Nicole B.
I have had the privilege of knowing Heather for 13 years. I was even one of her 'practice clients' while she was in school. In addition to being a therapist for so many years Heather is constantly continuing her education and skill set to better meet her client’s needs. I have seen Heather for relaxation, injury rehabilitation, fertility, and prenatal massage. When my husband and I were trying to conceive our second child I sought out Heathers assistance. I had an IUD in place for 3 years prior and once removed I saw Heather for fertility massage. One month later we were expecting! I was then able to enjoy 9 months of prenatal massage. I have recommended Heather to several friends and family members and everyone has enjoyed her services!" — Erin B.
Hi Heather! My cousin loved her prenatal massage and I wanted to get her another gift certificate since she is 2 mo. postpartum (her baby girl was born healthy in mid-March." — Heather K.
As you know I have used massage therapists all over the world to accelerate the healing process from the effects of competition and flawed body mechanics, but you combine a level of perceptiveness and intuition that I have never seen. You have a medically based understanding of the human body and combine that with a sensing quality that is unique." — Steve M.
FYI...First thing I did this am was to practice visualizing my hip and leg like we talked bout yesterday and...it IS better today. Not sure whether that is due to the visualization, my wonderful session with you yesterday or a combination of the two, but I will take it." — Kathy
Thank you so much for everything today--talking and body work. My shoulder is definitely better. I loved it all. We did cover a lot of ground today, didn't we?" — Megan B.
I LOVED my massage last week and I left feeling relaxed and more positive. I really felt immense relief in my upper back and shoulder area." — Dr. R.
My arm has really responded to the treatment you administered Tuesday. I talked with hubby about how much you have helped and he agreed I should try once weekly until it is 100%. It went from 10% function to 80% after the session. What in the world would I do without you?" — Charlotte
I just wanted to let you know that she had improvement in her subluxation pattern/pain scale." — Dr. R
I always feel uplifted after a visit with you...better physically as well as emotionally lightened. You truly have a gift!" — Katherine G.
It was such a relaxing and therapeutic massage! You’re very gifted at massage and being at ease and in turn your clients are at ease." — Melanie O.
Thank you, Heather. I've googled him and got his website with the information. I appreciate you sending me this - again. And thank you for another amazing massage." — Kathy J.
Randy said is elbow is feeling sooooooooooo much better. He was wondering if you have any time this week to see him." — Lynn M.
Your magic hands worked once again! My shoulder feels fine this morning. I, too, enjoyed our time together yesterday." — Nancy C.
Your generosity and love are boundless. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Thank you so much for the incredible wonderful work you did with me yesterday." — Pam S.
"I have had RA and fibromyalgia for over 10 years and massage is a necessity for me at this point.  I think I have never experienced anything so relaxing, de-stressing, or pain relieving as a massage.  You are wonderfully intuitive about the work, and I so much appreciate your help in my life. It means a lot." Alice C.  You always make me feel so special. I want you to know that I really appreciate all the help you have made in my life. Thank you again." — L. C.
Thank you so much! We LOVED our time with you. You are so kind and peaceful - just what we need! You are also such an amazing instructor. I remembered so much of what you shared with us because of your comments - like moving blood away from the heart and how my elbows should go out. Anyway, Grace and I loved the massage again last night. It is amazing how much the massage comforts me too. We are going to try it again tonight before prayers and bed time. I just love it!" — Stephanie U.
My situation is unusual in that I am separated from my wife and live in another state. Heather was very helpful in giving specific ways and techniques which I could make my daughter feel more relaxed. I believe I will see more and more benefits when I am spending more time with my daughter." — Ames C.
...just had to tell you that I had the best day today that I have had in a while. Leg was better and I had so much energy and got a ton of stuff done. Not sure if it was the massage, a placebo effect, the reflexology or some combination, but I am THRILLED! I may decide to come back in in 2-3 weeks if I can get in and test this out!" — Kathy F.
MELT Method®
I just noticed I no longer have joint pain in my right thumb. It’s been bothering me for the last several months and it feels 100% normal again! Crazy! Love it!"
I noticed this morning that the tension I normally have in my upper back/shoulder/neck area is almost gone. I normally always notice it and for the first time in FOREVER I didn’t even notice it this morning. LOVE the progress already."
I’ve been having some issues with my hips from running and no hip pain this morning! Sleep was a little better but not great. I woke up twice but was able to go back to sleep which is definitely new to me. I normally wake up and can’t shut my mind off."
I am using the balls for hands and feet and just received the MELT roller. It has become so clear to me through the assessments just how 'off' my left side has become. But…after MELTing I am more centered and balanced."
Thanks so much for sharing this...I laughed just now and found myself crying (sadness, not deserving the joy I was experiencing), but kept on laughing! It is truly a great stress reliever that I will do regularly and share with others." — Laura H.
Your laughing work tied into the book EAT, PRAY, LOVE. As I have been trying to smile more in quiet moments, I also have been thinking of my liver smiling. I feel like the smile on my face becomes more genuine." — Melanie O.
So I go out in my car, and am about to turn on Robious when the radio interviewee said, 'KEEP LAUGHING!' I actually stopped to look at the radio - how uncanny was that after we just talked about laughter yoga. Thank you for the wonderful massage and connection and I will leave with the mantra: Keep Laughing!" — Linda V.
I had a good belly ache and felt like I did an abdominal workout at the gym." — Laura
Before my session I felt very 'blue' and physically very tired. At the end of my session, my mood had 'lifted' and physically, I felt like I had been 'rebooted'. Great feeling :o)." — Lori M.
Everybody loves to laugh, but we think we need a reason. Well, we don't. Just do it. It's like a catharsis, and it changes my outlook on life." — David L.
Had a great time. I love laughing, always have, and in a group it is contagious, and sometimes competitive! I have actually laughed so hard I cry, and have felt my laughing muscles the next day. The club gives me permission to laugh both loud and long, and any crazy way I choose. By the end of the session I felt light, relaxed and at peace with myself and my world. It was so much fun." — Bonnie F.
I am forwarding the attached because I fear that Heather is most likely modest and I wanted you to know just how wonderfully she is 'filling the space'. I believe those were your words at our graduation. You said of Heather something like 'I am going to watch this space to see how you flourish'. I went to Heather’s first Laughter Yoga and surprisingly found myself loving it. It was also surprising the rewards we reaped from just an hour of laughter and yoga." — Gwen W.
Tuesday night, my Fitbit said I woke up 38 times! Wed. after our psych-k work, I woke up 13 times and last night I woke up only 6 times...most of which I knew about. That is simply amazing. YOU are simply amazing. I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this. I have not done anything different except the Psych-K work. This was just so dramatic, I wanted to give you some feedback." — Kathy J.
Wanted to let you know that our Psych-K session revealed some very powerful info. that I am going to follow up on in therapy and hypnosis. It was a very good process that helped me verbalize what I had under the surface. I am very excited about the future and so appreciate your place in this journey. Thank you for your caring, support and help. I only see success in the future." — Jane S.
Thank you for bringing that to the forefront of my mind and allowing me to see it for what it is and allowing me to release that erroneous belief. I’m actually looking forward to supper tonight and seeing how it will go. Much like I looked forward to sleeping that night after we did the Psych-K work on sleep." — Kathy J.
My knee has had no popping in 3 days! I’ll keep my fingers crossed." — L.C.

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